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Gaang + MBTI Chart (inspired by this).

ENFP: Open-hearted, excitable, creative, funny and full of wild ambition. Always look on the bright side and keep their chins up, even in the face of massive obstacles. Excel in many aspects of what they do and hold loved ones close to the heart. Firmly believe that life is for the living.

ESFJ: Generous, compassionate, and a bit fussy, they care deeply for those around them and are happiest when they are able to lend a hand. Believers in “service before self”, they can sometimes come across as overbearing or smothering due to their above-average capacity of empathy. Bossy, but polite and eager to maintain peace.

ESTJ: Strict boundary setters who take personal responsibility very seriously. Have a strong personal moral code, to which they rigidly hold themselves and others. They are intensely organized and focused, to the point that they verge on being predictable, but they are never boring or dismissive of a good fight.

ENTJ: Blunt, firm, and naturally gifted leaders, they are quick-thinking masters of negotiation who trust their instincts when making decisions, and take full responsibility when those decisions prove to be flawed. Leave no room for emotional interference in their plans, work tirelessly toward lofty goals, and are often very frugal with their money.

ISTJ: Defined by their honor and duty. Take any task seriously and give it more than their best. Somewhat reserved and prefer to work alone, but can make great team members if the need arises. Logical, straightforward thinkers who often put duty before pleasure.

ISFJ: Traditional, loyal, kind and observant of others. Value stability and cultural norms and are often consistent with work. Known for their kindness and willingness to go to any lenght to help those in need. Often fear change and try hard to maintain peace.

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long distance relationships

This made me laugh louder than it should

he has the magic touch that make all dem bitches scream

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This was without a doubt the most hearbreaking thing ever

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